Protan delivers 315 000 square meters of Roofing membrane to three large Warehouses in Poland

Exposed Roof
Poznan, Poland
Protan Exposed Roof SE
315 000 kvm
Bremer & Depenbrock

The value of Amazon’s three new warehouses in Poland is protected by 315,000 square metres of Protan Exposed Roof SE. Each building measures approx. 500 metres long and 200 metres wide and has an area of more 100,000 square metres. In total, this is equivalent to over 60 football pitches!

Protan exports products to 40 countries worldwide. We are proud to supply the roofing for the enormous warehouse buildings that Amazon, the world's largest online store, will lease in Poland. In October 2013, the plans were presented for the development of the three major logistics centres that Amazon will lease. In January 2014, it was announced that Protan’s roof solutions were chosen for all three buildings.

“We are very proud to win this contract. Poland is an important market for us, and delivering an order of this size truly puts roofs from Protan on the map. Both operations in Norway and our factory in Poland have been involved,” says Erik Øyno, CEO of Protan.

Amazon's decision to establish a logistics base in Poland is based on its proximity to its European customers. Two of the new logistics buildings are located in Wroclaw, the largest town in southwestern Poland. The third centre is in Poznan, which is located about 240 kilometres east of Berlin.

Each of the three logistic centres will employ around 2,000 full-time employees, and can employ up to 3,000 part-time workers in peak periods. Customers throughout Europe, including Russia and Ukraine, will have easier access to Amazon as a result of the expansion of the logistics network.