Protan Hall & Storage Solutions

Protan can make plastic buildings that will suit your specific needs. They are a perfect solution for a variety of storage needs.

Protan manufactures PVC sealing material for plastic buildings around the world - from arctic regions to the tropics - such as storage halls, airplane hangers, sports halls and hospital tents.

Read more about out solutions here and you can also visit our plant, Protan Elmark in Poland.

Protan Hall systems

PVC sealing material manufactured at Protan can be used to make temorary and permanent halls and tents.These structure are safe and flexible.

Protan Storage systems

Protan's PVC sealing material  is used to build storage buildings around the world.The material can be customised according to specific needs.

Protan Hangar systems

Protan hangar systems can be use to build robust and huge storage structures. These structures may be used for airplanes and military equipments.

Protan Tent systems

Protan can make tents for all kinds of events like trade show, exhibiton or sporting events.Easy to fabricate and break the structures.

Protan Refugee Camp systems

Tents are made using Protan's flexible PVC materials.The tents are be used for storage,hospital beds, schools or temporary accomodation.