Protan ProFence Solutions

The Profence product has been developed in partnership with safety experts in sports.It is a complete solution for all safety needs in sports arena.


Protan developed the product series Protan ProFence Solutions in close collaboration with experts in various sports. During this innovation process, we combined our years of experience and knowledge from membrane production, membrane fabrication and ventilation planning, with the needs, desires and experience of our customers. This has made the Protan ProFence Solution into a series comprising a number of different quality products that give you the complete safety system you need for your sports arena.

Protan ProFence Solutions is offered as a complete protection system. Protan can contribute in the whole process, including with installation, maintenance and advice by specific agreement.

Protan ProFence Alpine

Protan ProFence Alpine is our air-filledsafety system developed for downhill ski resorts and ski centres.

Protan ProFence Speedway

Protan developed and produced Protan ProFence Speedway in close collaboration with Speedway clubs in all of the Nordic countries. This is a high-quality product that gives you a complete safety system for speedway arenas.

Protan ProFence Skating

Protan ProFence Skating is an air-filled safety system for meeting the strict safety requirements for professional skating. The product is manufactured from a robust PVC membrane that withstands significant external force and has a long life.

Protan ProBag Alpine

Protan ProBag is an air-filled landing bag for snowboard, skiing, bicycling, etc. Today, it is mainly used at ski resorts and ski centres.