Protan Vinyl Walls

Protan vinyl walls can be used as separations and wallpapers in offices. Wallpapers are available in various colours and textures.

We offer Protan Vinyl Wall, which is a vinyl wallpaper that is specially-designed for the production of wall panels and partitions for office buildings. The wallpaper component is available in a number of different colours and surface textures and can be easily adapted to individual needs. This provides many advantages both for new builds and with later renovations.  




Protan Vinyl Wall is applied to the wall modules during production and are delivered as a finished product to the construction site. Use of prefabricated building materials ensures a short construction time, reduced amounts of waste and decreased use of plaster and putty at the construction site.


The environment

Protan Vinyl Wall consists of a durable PVC surface that withstands moisture and contains no chemicals that are found on the Norwegian government's list of chemicals that must not be used or are being phased out. Production waste can be stored or burned in approved burning facilities. Degassing is very insignificant. When painting the wall element (plaster + cardboard + Protan wallpaper), degassing is less than 0.02 mg/m3 at normal room temperature.

Prefabricated interior systems contribute to an efficient use of resources through little waste in production and on the construction site and transport. With renovation, a large portion of the materials can be reused.


Advantages with Protan wallpaper


Protan Vinyl Wall has a short delivery time and can be delivered in both large and small order volumes. This provides the customer with great flexibility and security. Our long experience and special competence in wallpaper makes us a manufacturer, with whom our customers trust.     


Architectural design

Protan Vinyl Wall is an important part of the interior architectural design of Nokia's head office in Helsinki, The Post Office building and Telenor's head office Oslo and at Novo Nordisk in Copenhagen.


Protan wallpaper has also been delivered to many other places and contributed to exciting office interior designs, including at J. P: Morgan in Geneva, Arab Monetary Fund in Abu Dhabi and the National Bank of Kuwait.