Protan ProFence Alpine

Protan ProFence Alpine is our air-filledsafety system developed for downhill ski resorts and ski centres.



The whole portfolio was developed by Protan in close collaboration with Geilolia Ski Resort. Geilolia has experience and extensive knowledge about alpine sports, activities and safety products. The result of combining our many years of experience and knowledge of membrane production, membrane fabrication and ventilation techniques is a product series that builds on practical functionality for alpine sports and ski activities, as well as significant product durability and long life.

The absorption of air can be easily controlled and monitored by controlling the flow of air and air pressure.

Protan ProFence Alpine comprises:

  • Protan ProFence Paddock. These air-filled fences protect both competitors and the audience in the finish-line area at alpine ski facilities and ski centres.
  • Air-filled padding. These protective pillows cover, for example, snow cannons, pillars and trees at ski resorts and ski centres.

The safety systems require minimal storage space in the off season as they can easily be deflated.

Protan ProBag Alpine

Protan ProBag is an air-filled landing bag for snowboard, skiing, bicycling, etc. Today, it is mainly used at ski resorts and ski centres.

Protan ProFence Solutions

The Profence product has been developed in partnership with safety experts in sports.It is a complete solution for all safety needs in sports arena.