Protan ProFence Skating

Protan ProFence Skating is an air-filled safety system for meeting the strict safety requirements for professional skating. The product is manufactured from a robust PVC membrane that withstands significant external force and has a long life.



Protan ProFence Skating is delivered in sections measuring six or 10 metres. Sections in other dimensions can be deliveredby special order. Each section is reinforced with a Kevlar-covered layer and secured to the foundation with a wire-based fastening system. The sections are connected by Velcro on the front and snap-hook couplings on the top and bottom rear of the section. The kickboard is made of an extra thick PVC-membrane in order to ensure that the system is securely mounted to the ice.

The air is pumped in either via a central fan system or via a regulatable decentralized fan for each section. The pressure and ventilation in the safety system is vital in order for the system to function optimally.

With correct handling and storage, Protan ProFence Skating has a long life expectancy.

Different methods of repair make it possible to fix holes and damage while the original strength of the safety fence is maintained. We have extensive experience with membranes for different areas of use and are happy to provide advice and guidance.

Protan ProFence Solutions

The Profence product has been developed in partnership with safety experts in sports.It is a complete solution for all safety needs in sports arena.