Protan ProFence Speedway

Protan developed and produced Protan ProFence Speedway in close collaboration with Speedway clubs in all of the Nordic countries. This is a high-quality product that gives you a complete safety system for speedway arenas.



In 2009, Protan ProFence Solutions received FIM (Fèdèration Internationale de Motocyclisme) approval for the protective air fence Protan ProFence Speedway.

The development of the Protan ProFence Speedway is based on our knowledge and experience from several decades of membrane construction, as well as our extensive experience from ventilation systems for mines and tunnels. The quality in the Protan ProFence Speedway is based on our well-tested production techniques and a number of robust materials that withstand wear and tear, fire and physical force. Protan ProFence Speedway is produced in extra reinforced sections measuring three or six metres in length. The sections are connected together with a zipper that has been used in mining operations for years and is therefore constructed to withstand dust and other external forces, at the same time as it is quick and easy to connect. The sections are also held together with Velcro and other quick-attachment couplings.

The kick board is made of an extra durable material, but is still malleable in order to provide a secure reinforcement to the surface. The ventilation is provided via two fans in each corner, where the air is pumped into the back edge of the sections. Cushioning in the event of a collision is controlled through special pressure-reducing channels and ventilation in each section.

With correct handling and storage, Protan ProFence Speedway has a long life expectancy.

Different methods of repair make it possible to fix holes and damage at the same time as maintaining the original strength of the safety fence. We have extensive experience with membranes for different areas of use and are happy to provide advice and guidance.

 Protan ProFence Speedway is available in two different formats

  • ProFence Speedway - a product portfolio comprising of air protection and fans for full-scale speedway tracks.
  • ProFence Junior Speedway - a product portfolio for junior speedway on the inside of a full-scale speedway track.