Protan Tent systems

Protan can make tents for all kinds of events like trade show, exhibiton or sporting events.Easy to fabricate and break the structures.


Protan Tent Systems deliver PVC coated materials for flexible solutions for all types of events, including trade shows, exhibitions and sporting events. The functional and aesthetic design gives you versatility and allows for quick assembly and break-down.  

Our coated materials are made of flame retardant and weather-resistant materials and can be delivered in several colours. The products are weldable with high-frequency, hot air and hot wedge techniques.

The coated materials can be produced to specific measurements and with surface printing. We can also integrate windows to allow access to more daylight, which can contribute to lower operational costs.


Advantages when selecting Protan Tent Solutions:


  • Quick assembly and break-down
  • Fast production
  • Mobility
  • Module structure. Components can be added and removed when needed.
  • Multi-functional
  • Flexible and tailor-made solutions.
  • Low maintenance costs. Rust-free aluminium profiles.