Protan InfraPlan


Sustainable waterproofing system for tunnels
and underground constructions

Introducing Protan InfraPlan: the next generation high performance and complete tunnel membrane system.

With low lifecycle cost, full system supply and our expertise, we ensure a complete waterproofing solution.

Enhanced Performance

Protan is among the leaders in membrane production since 1972, and we have supplied tunnels and underground facilities with the most innovative and recognized solutions in the world. Now, we are taking a step further.

By combining our expertise in waterproofing technology and breaking ground production methods, we introduce our new complete sealing system for tunnels.


Reduced Lifecycle Cost

By choosing to invest in membranes and quality products from Protan, you secure the future with recyclable products, low lifecycle cost and a low carbon footprint. Protan InfraPlan is designed for a service life of more than 100 years.

Protan InfraPlan is a sustainable system solution with long term durability and low priceperformance ratio.


Complete Solution Partner

With Protan InfraPlan, we follow you and your project all the way to success.

Protan provides membranes, accessories, know-how and much more:
We deliver a complete system solution that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your project. We offer knowledge and experience through competent advisors as well as state of the art design and calculation tools.

Waterproofing evolved

Protan InfraPlan – a complete waterproofing system solution for tunnels and underground constructions. A sustainable, homogeneous, flexible waterproof single ply membrane designed to last. Protan InfraPlan – designed for functionality and versatility. InfraPlan is tailored for tunnel waterproofing, underground constructions as well as horizontal and vertical sealing of foundation basements.

  • Membrane available in several thicknesses
  • Complies with EN 13491 and EN 13967
  • Homogeneous single ply membrane with light coloured signal layer for better quality control
  • Special integrated welding solution that ensures uniform properties to the product
  • Recyclable product with a low carbon footprint
  • Products are developed to integrate their environment without disrupting it. Protan InfraPlan membranes do not contain any substances from REACH/ECHA’s candidate list, nor do they contain priority environmental pollutants or relevant substances in quantities considered to be hazardous to health and the environment.

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